Division for Cyberspace Affairs, the office of CAS

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  1. Establishing the cyberspace affairs development plans and work plans for CAS; 

  2. In charge of organization, implementation, operation, maintenance, and management of cyberspace affairs development; 

  3. Steering the cyberspace affairs work of CAS; 

  4. Establishing the cyberspace affairs management standards and regulations; 

  5. Organizing and coordinating the cyberspace affairs tasks assigned by the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the General Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China; 

  6. Tasks assigned by bureau administrators. 

  Key Work: 

  1. Establishing cyberspace affairs development plan for CAS, and organize, deploy and implement the development plan; 

  2. Steering the cyberspace affairs tasks in CAS, releasing annual major tasks for CAS’s cyberspace affairs work, organizing the evaluation of the informationization tasks in CAS; 

  3. In charge of deployment and management of CAS’s cyberspace affairs programs, as well as e-science project, management informationization project, education informationization project; 

  4. Organizing the operation, maintenance, and service of CAS’s cyberinfrastructure; 

  5. Organizing the technic support to ensure the network and information security of CAS; 

  6. Organizing the strategic research ofcyberspace affairs, and providing advice to facilitate the cyberspace affairs development of China; 

  7. Organizing the cyberspace affairs support and service for CAS headquaters, and improving the cyberspace affairs level of CAS headquaters; 

  8. Organizing the building and training of cyberspace affairs workforce for CAS; 

  9. Organizing the international and domestic cooperation and communication of cyberspace affairs; 

  10. Working with couterparts from government departments; 

  11. Organizing the publicity activities of cyberspace affairs.